Settlement Documentaries

Provide a path to settlement by telling your clients’ stories in their own words.

  • Motivate the insurance adjuster or decision maker to settle or mediate your case
  • Impress opposing counsel by demonstrating the strength of your case
  • Educate the mediator so he or she has a full understanding of the issues that may be impeding settlement

Our experienced and award-winning team is ready to work with you to craft a powerful tool that goes far beyond the deposition.

Contact us to talk about your upcoming mediation, hearing or demand package and how a settlement documentary video can help you resolve your case.

Telling the Story

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Client Care

We produce powerful legal videos for all types of litigators in both civil and criminal matters.

What exactly is a settlement documentary?

Think of a Dateline, 60 Minutes or 20/20 segment or program about your client and their case. Professional narration, interviews with key witnesses and experts are all highlights of a settlement documentary.

Settlement documentary video presentations can cover liability, damages or both.

Settlement documentary videos have been used to resolve bitter disputes, influence legislation and even mitigate harsh sentences for juvenile offenders.

settlement documentary

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