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Full Service Trial Support

Experienced court reporters to cover your case anywhere in the world.

Realtime, In-person, Remote, Video DepositionTranscription

Trial support and technology to give you an edge over opposing counsel.

Trial Technicians, Video Playbacks & Courtroom Setup

Graphics to assist you in explaining the complex details of your case.

Custom Legal Graphics, Illustrations & Animations

Experienced videographers available for virtual or safe in-person
video depositions.

Day in the Life Video, Settlement DocumentarySurveillance

Bridge the gap between legal and medical expertise for unmatched Case success.

Analyze & Review, Consult & Compare, Identify & Recommend, Report & Testify

We Deliver Results 24/7

Do you need something right now? We offer fast, reliable and dependable service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When you need us we are here.

You can count on LEGAL graphicworks for anytime litigation support including graphics, technology, video and court reporting services. Call 800.577.8128 or contact support.

Welcome to LEGAL graphicworks, where we offer a comprehensive suite of litigation support services designed to enhance your case presentation and streamline your trial preparation. Our expert team provides a wide range of services to meet your needs.

We understand the demands you face and are here to assist you with effective, reliable litigation support services that make a difference.

How we can help you present your case?


Court Reporting: Accurate and reliable court reporting for depositions and trials.
Legal Graphics: Visually compelling graphics that clarify complex legal concepts.
Medical Illustration: Detailed and accurate representations to support medical-related cases.
Animation: Dynamic animations that bring critical scenarios to life.
Settlement Documentaries: Persuasive documentaries that effectively convey the nuances of your case.
‘Day in the Life’ Videos: Insightful videos that illustrate the daily impact of injuries or conditions.
Video Depositions: High-quality video recordings that capture deposition testimony.
Surveillance Video: Comprehensive surveillance video enhancement.
Courtroom Setup: Full-service courtroom configuration to optimize your presentation.
Video Playback: Seamless video playback services tailored to courtroom needs.
Trial Technicians: Skilled technicians to ensure smooth operation of all trial technologies.
Legal Nurse Consulting: Bridge the gap between legal and medical expertise for unmatched case success.

What is a Conflict Check?

Before we can work with a client we need to ensure that no conflict of interest exists. This means that we review the basics of your case to ensure that any conflicting party has not already engaged our services.

Use our secure conflict check form to initiate a no-obligation conflict check. This is the first step in securing our services.