Conflict Check

What is a Conflict Check?
Before we work with a client, we review the basics of your case to ensure that any conflicting party has not already engaged our services.

If we find that we have been contacted by another party, we will set up internal ethical walls to ensure confidentiality.

To initiate a conflict check please provide as much information as you can regarding your upcoming matter using the secure form below.


Court Reporting Services

Comprehensive court reporting services designed to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Realtime Reporting
Utilizing realtime reporting can help you stay ahead of the competition and increase your efficiency.

In-person Reporting
Trust the experience of a professional in-person court reporter to ensure accurate transcripts of your proceedings.

Remote Reporting
Save time and money with remote reporting so you can focus on the most important aspects of your case.

Video Deposition
Maximize your accuracy and reduce costs with video deposition to capture every detail of your proceedings.

Transcription Services
Get accurate transcripts of your proceedings with our professional transcription services.

Trial Graphics

Custom Legal Graphics, Illustrations & Animations

Legal Graphics
Custom PowerPoint presentations, timelines, charts, maps and large-format printed exhibit boards.

Medical Illustration
Custom or stock medical illustrations created by our AMI Award-winning, Board Certified Medical Illustrators.

Custom or stock 3D animations created by our award-winning expert animators.

Courtroom Technology

Full Service Trial Support & Technology

Trial Technicians
Unmatched technical experience using skilled trial technicians and the best trial presentation software.

Video Playbacks
Trusted technicians who excel under pressure and play videos with designations at a trial or hearing.

Courtroom Setup
Fully equipped resource for all of your technology needs in the courtroom, war room or conference room.

Legal Video

Professional Courtroom Video Production

Video Depositions
Professional and experienced videographers available in less than 24 hours.

Day in the Life Videos
Professional videographers will visually depict what an accident victim has to go through in a day.

Settlement Documentaries
Award-winning documentary video journalists will visually craft your client's story for a settlement request.

Surveillance Video
We clarify surveillance video that might seem almost unusable. Our video editing specialists have the tools and experience to uncover the details.

Legal Nurse Consulting Services

Bridge the Gap Between Legal and Medical Expertise

Analyze & Review
Ensure every detail is meticulously examined. Our expertise in analyzing and reviewing medical records, policies, and expert reports provides you with a thorough understanding of each case, uncovering crucial insights that support your legal strategy.

Consult & Compare
Receive personalized guidance and expert comparisons. By consulting with healthcare providers and preparing for depositions and trials, you gain valuable perspectives and detailed comparisons that strengthen your case.

Identify & Recommend
Pinpoint critical factors and provide actionable recommendations. Our service identifies missing records, deviations from care standards, and key contributing factors, offering clear recommendations to enhance your case outcomes.

Report & Testify
Deliver compelling reports and authoritative testimony. We provide comprehensive reports, visual aids, and expert witness testimony, ensuring your case presentation is persuasive and professional from start to finish.