Trial Graphics

Custom Legal Graphics, Illustrations and Animations

Want to better explain the complex details of your case? Custom legal graphics are persuasive communication.

Need help keeping your trier of fact focused? Our accurate and informative medical illustrations can help.

Want your audience to see what happened firsthand? Accurate and detailed animations make it possible.

Examples of Our Work

Looking to understand the type of graphics, illustration and animation work that we do? This two minute video brings together a range of examples. Take a look.

Using Trial Graphics Effectively

Using graphics and animations effectively will help others understand complex information. Have questions? You can always contact us.

What is a Conflict Check? Before we can work with a client we need to ensure that no conflict of interest exists. This means that we review the basics of your case to ensure that any conflicting party has not already engaged our services.

Have questions about any of our services? We are here to help you. You can always contact us by calling 800-577-8128 or using our secure online form. We are ready to assist you and answer your litigation support questions.