Custom Legal Graphics, Illustrations and Animations

trial graphicsCustom Graphics

Custom PowerPoint presentations, timelines, charts, maps and large-format printed exhibit boards

Medical IllustrationsIllustrations

Custom or stock medical illustrations created by our AMI Award-winning, Board Certified Medical Illustrators

3D animation recreationAnimations

Custom or stock 3D animations created by our award-winning expert animators

trial graphicsCustom Legal Graphics

Creating custom graphics for various litigation settings can be the key to helping your trier of fact have a better understanding of the complex details of your case. At Legal Graphicworks, we have learned that the key to making these impressive tools function as persuasive communicators is to ensure that they are:

Simple. Graphical presentation pieces should distill complex details into an understandable graphic.

Powerful. Graphics should clearly sum up the most important points of the case so that they are both understandable and memorable.

Consistent. By presenting professional, consistent graphics, your displays become easy to grasp quickly.

Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

Whether you have already started creating your PowerPoint presentation and want us to “polish it” by having one of our artists add in graphs or artwork or simply make it more consistent in look and feel. Or if you would like for us to start from scratch, we have the solution for you. With a fast turnaround time and creative ideas we make PowerPoints for your litigation setting – easy.

Medical IllustrationsCustom Medical Illustrations

Keeping your trier of fact focused on a medical procedure or a medical history can be challenging. If you do show graphics, you need to be certain they are both accurate and informative. We provide custom medical illustrations that expertly depict the patient as well as the procedures that occurred or should have occurred. Our Board Certified Medical Illustrators will create custom illustrations of injuries and procedures based on your medical records, films, photos and expert documents.

Simply call or email us to discuss potential illustrations or we can provide stock medical illustrations and add in specific text to meet your needs.

Custom Animations

Animation is the difference between imparting and impacting. What if you could recreate the situation—whether it was an auto accident, a product liability issue, a crime or another type of case—so your audience could see what happened firsthand. Using forensic evidence, we’re able to do just that—recreate situations using actual timing, conditions, and specifications using the optimal perspective from which to view it. Some of the types of animations that we create include:

  • Surgery Recreations
  • Accident Recreations
  • Event Recreations
  • Product Failure
  • Technical Tutorial
  • Mechanism of Injury

Call or email us to discuss potential animations.

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