Trial Support Services

Boutique litigation support services.

Custom Legal Graphics, Illustrations & Animations

Custom PowerPoint presentations, timelines, charts, maps and large-format printed exhibit boards.

Custom or stock medical illustrations created by our AMI Award-winning, Board Certified Medical Illustrators.

Custom or stock 3D animations created by our award-winning expert animators.

Full Service Trial Support & Technology

Unmatched technical experience using skilled trial technicians and the best trial presentation software.

Trusted technicians who excel under pressure and play videos with designations at a trial or hearing.

Fully equipped resource for all of your technology needs in the courtroom, war room or conference room.

Professional Courtroom Video Production

Professional and experienced videographers available in less than 24 hours.

Professional videographers will visually depict what an accident victim has to go through in a day.

Award-winning documentary video journalists will visually craft your client's story for a settlement request.

We clarify surveillance video that might seem almost unusable. Our video editing specialists have the tools and experience to uncover the details.

We Deliver Results 24/7

Do you need something right now? We offer fast, reliable and dependable service 24/7. Count on Legal Graphicworks for anytime graphics, video and support. Call 800.577.8128 or contact support.

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