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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, LGW has been a partner in assisting clients adjust to virtual depositions. We average 40 virtual depositions every week. Let our experience and lessons learned benefit you and your team.

Gracie Virtual Tech

Skilled trial technicians who excel under pressure equipped with the expertise to create a seamless experience for your virtual setting or combination of live and Zoom setting. We’ve facilitated over 1,200 virtual hearings, mediations, trials and depositions in just the last year!

While hosting anything virtually seems to be the norm, dealing with the hearing or mediation virtually requires much more than just setting up a zoom call. How will you know the witness is alone? How will you be certain that the parties have private "rooms" during breakouts and conversations are secure? The team at LGW are experts at providing you with peace of mind and ensure that virtual ADR proceedings will run with security and ease.

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You can count on LEGAL graphicworks for anytime litigation support including graphics, technology, video and court reporting services. Call 800.577.8128 or contact support.

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