Surveillance Video

Seeing is believing. Surveillance video evidence is powerful and can often be the key to a case. We can reveal crucial information hidden in your media.

We clarify surveillance video that might seem almost unusable. Our video editing specialists have the tools and experience to uncover the details.

Legal Graphicworks is able to provide expert reports and testify to their accuracy.

Defense Case Studies

Plaintiff Case Studies

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Video Surveillance Case Studies

We have worked on hundreds of cases involving audio and video evidence.

Defense Case Studies

Bus Dash Camera:

Our client, the employment agency that supplied the bus driver, wanted to prove that he stopped and looked before entering an intersection at night.

By calculating the timing of the surveillance video and using a visual aid, we were able to prove the bus driver did stop before entering the intersection. A speeding motorcyclist hit the bus as it made its turn (only seen in one frame of video).

  • Legal Graphicworks provided an Expert Report for this case
  • We were able to answer three key questions:
    • How fast was motorcycle going?
    • By the time it takes the bus to execute turn could he have even seen the motorcycle.
    • Did the bus driver do what he was supposed to- come to a complete stop?


Slip & Fall

Our client, a busy big box store, had a guest fall on a clothes hanger another guest carelessly let fall to the floor.

Surveillance shows the hazard was only on the floor for three minutes – and – the plaintiff walked by it once before ultimately falling on the clothes hanger.

Those two facts strongly mitigated liability for our client.

  • Don’t want to put jury through having to figure out what screen they should be looking at
  • Need to prove: noticed, reasonable, reasonable care, response to notice.

Plaintiff Case Studies

Cell phone distraction

The plaintiff is a pedestrian who gets run over by an SUV while crossing the street on a rainy night. The original surveillance was in an unusual format and playing at double speed – very hard to watch.

The client believed the defendant driver was on her cell at the time of the accident, and once we were able to slow the video down and give him a closer look – the driver had her phone out and activated one second before impact.

The evidence was impossible to refute.

Slip or Trip?

The plaintiff suffered a fall in a market. The defense argued she tripped over her own feet/platform shoes.

Careful analysis of the surveillance video showed that her foot did slip to the side on something, causing her ankle to give way and the subsequent fall.

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